A Non-Profit Organization

501c (3) Since 2000

Second Chance Life Skills opened this 2016 Year full of Hope and Aspirations for Overwhelming Success of its programs, specifically its core programs and outreach. Our programs supports the Tampa Bay Market which includes the 12th and 14th Congressional District of Florida. The focus this year is a “Healthy Homes Initiative” and each annual year thereafter. The concept is to have an overall approach to providing Healthy Homes, Healthy Financials and of course Healthy Foods (Addressing Food Insecurity).

Healthy Living

We are also at work in seeking funding to acquire vacant land to plant Vegetables and Fruits to the same low to moderate income population. The effort will be a community based effort to get volunteers from the organization as well as the community to Plant, Water, Cultivate and Gather the Fruits and Vegetables and make them readily available to distribute to households in need. This project will encourage and create awareness of providing cost effective measures and metrics as well as to create resources for whole community but specifically to the low income populations. This project will take some work but we believe through creating awareness and community bonds, a great deal of households will buy into our Healthy Homes – Healthy Living Concepts.

Food Insecurity is a big deal. Not only in our community but worldwide the disadvantaged don't have access to Healthy Food nor have any solutions provided for them. We have partnered with Panera Bread in an effort to feed the Low to Moderate Income Households that have kids and young adults as well as the low income senior citizen population. Our concept is to bring Healthy foods and alternatives to the disadvantaged communities where they will now have access to Healthy Breads, Bagels, Pastries, etc. As funding permits, we will focus on partnering with brands such as Whole Foods as well as Feed America in an effort to continue to provide Healthy Foods to the low income populations that would never have access or the finances to afford such Healthy and Nutritional Foods and Brands.

Our Organization is focused on a  “Healthy Living”  Initiative that focuses on the overall needs of most households, especially that of Low to Moderate Income Household Populations.