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Young Adult Program(s) Narrative Automobile Purchasing And Education:

 Second Chance Life Skills YOUNG ADULT


SCLS will be providing after­ school programs geared to meet expectations programs requiring participants to learn and engage In Automobile Purchasing and Education. Participants will gain knowledge essential to that of Ownership as well as Entrepreneurship and or possibly a successful career in Automotive Sales. Community based organizations such as SCLS, Inc. Our philosophy seeks to create more After­ School, Weekend, Summer and Winter learning opportunities to supplement quality classroom instruction. Selected participants will learn and participate in the Following:

Young Adults will be educated on the Auto buying process by Professionals currently and previously in various industries and professions that will give them adequate and efficient knowledge and materials to be successful.

 Young Adults will be taught about Credit, Credit Scores, Credit Reports, Credit Bureaus and The Importance of maintaining adequate credit to obtain Financing. Professionals will teach them the variables and options that come along with non sufficient credit and how to build and maintain proper and sufficient credit scores and history.

 Young Adults will be taught the fundamentals of Dealerships, Buy Here Pay Here, Purchasing and Ownership, and Other Forms of Automobile Sales.

Young Adults will be taken to the Auction to go through the process of finding the right cars for their Personal Needs, Business Inventory and/or Purchasing For A Dealership. They will witness the process of the bidding or purchasing process, after the auto(s) have been selected, etc.

­ Young Adults will be taught how to input vehicles into inventory, inspection, auto insurance, etc.

­ Young Adults will be given the responsibility of selecting a vehicle that can help market and initiate interest in their vehicle selected, they will learn the proper process of closing a sale and all the requirements involved before delivery of vehicle to the client or purchaser

Second Chance Is Dedicated To Youth And Aiding In Cultivating The Next Generation ­ In Doing So SCLS Will Continue To Thrive And Aid In The Following:

• Provide after­school mentoring programs that reach Young Adults between at risk hours. i.e.Weekday 3­7, Weekends
• Create Programs that Incorporate Parental and Community Involvement
• Make available current learning tools that meet or exceed successful school experiences. i.e. computers, print materials
• Special Programs, i.e. Music, Video, Sports Development, Health And Beauty and Entrepreneurship Classes

Adult Credit Education - (National Credit Restoration Assistance)

This course is intended to educate and assist individuals with repairing and improving their credit score. Topics for this course include:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • Late Payments
  • Tax Liens
  • Charge-offs
  • Judgments
  • Repossessions
  • Collections

Dance Classes - (Turn up 4 Rhythm Rhydas)

Enrollment in this course is going to provide exposure to dance techniques of multiple styles of dance. Classes are available on Monday 6:00-7 p.m or Wednesday 7:30- 8:30 p.m. The course is $24 per month and, the first class is free. For more information about these great courses call (727)289-5733.

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