A Non-Profit Organization

501c (3) Since 2000

"Changing The World Through Our Youth"

Second Chance Life Skills has developed Youth and Young Adults Mentorship Programs - “Yes This Girl Can” and “Next Generation”, that will give some aid and alternative education, awareness and advancement opportunity to our immediate community for breakthrough and results

Through research and recognition we found that there is demographic inconsistency of education, advancement, opportunity and most of all culture awareness throughout the Tampa Bay Market, not to mention throughout the World. We believe with the growth of the market and cultural diversity there has been a break down in economic and educational opportunities.

We have created more Youth and Young Adults Programs that encourage and incorporate parental and or guardianship involvement. The goal is to encourage awareness to break the cycle of Poverty, Neglect, Cultural and Social Indifference. Together we create and make readily available access to the resources and support systems for adequate development and survival for basic needs and economic advancement.

We are Thankful for the opportunity work with so many talented youth that are interested in succeeding in the Classroom, Sports and helping their community to become more productive. Through our outreach with Youth and Young Adults in our programs as well as in the community, we strive to create more learning opportunities that supplement quality class room instruction.

     Second Chance Life Skills is dedicated to the Education, Development, Social and Life Skills that are detrimental to Youth and Young Adults in our community. We have been serving the community for over 15 years and continue to make a difference working along with our Local and National Brand Community Partners in an effort to effectively promote positive change while enhancing the quality of Education, Life Skills, Social Skills and longevity of our Youth and Young Adults Programs.